Tools For Health And Wellness takes the focus away from psychopathology and puts you on the path to better health

This site is designed to help you better cope with the many stresses and pressures that you face on a daily basis.

It is intended for those of you doing really well in your lives and just looking to tweak one or two things to maximise this amazing life experience. Equally, it has been created for those of you who are currently struggling and are looking for more in-depth help with particular issues.

These cognitive, behavioural, physiological and emotional coping skills will enable you to convert areas of dissatisfaction in your life into meaningful and self-nurturing lifestyle changes.

With all that in mind, I am here to help you become healthier through rejuvenating and balancing your mind and body by:

Teaching better cognitive and behavioural coping skills and tools.
Unpacking useful and creative techniques that guide you through a process of how to reduce stress, and through this process of reducing stress, thereby improving any multifarious stress-related illnesses.
Creating an improved understanding of psychological disorders (psychopathology) and introducing techniques to reduce symptoms outside of formal psychotherapy.
Providing tools and the necessary structures to overcome drug abuse and addiction.
Radically improving physical health and energy levels through better diet and nutrition, regular and yet interesting exercise workouts, and where necessary complementing your diet with the most thoroughly researched and therefore very best supplements.
Aiding you in better treating and managing chronic illness whilst maximizing your quality of life.
Helping you to improve your romantic relationships (or indeed get into one if you get apoplexy every time a friend starts talking about ‘fish and seas’).
Providing counselling around the complex topic of workplace wellness, from how to get on with your most miserable of colleagues to boosting your performance through efficient use of a health and wellness diary!
Helping to address some of those sometimes embarrassing issues that arise both in terms of male and female health and fitness.
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The content is designed to take you on your own unique journey of improved health and happiness, and will put you on a path of self-discovery that will allow you to reach your potential and be all that you wish to be!

The articles are all grouped by topic, making it easier for you to explore articles related to the area of your life you are looking to explore and improve or just to better understand.

Lifestyle Topics: A tablet with a word cloud associated with personal development

Life Can Be Tough And The Manuals Confusing And Outdated!

Have you been struggling with a level of underlying anxiety or sadness that detracts from your life? Spent a fortune on years of therapy but all that self-growth doesn’t seem to translate into less stress? Been diagnosed with a chronic illness? Tired of reliving the same old destructive patterns in relationships time after time? Or finding that you are developing several odd physical or physiological symptoms that are medically ‘cured’ but appear to regularly rinse and repeat?

You might be struggling to find enough hours in the day, or to shake off those extra pounds before summer. Or possibly noticed that you have been going a little heavy on the booze and your partner is beginning to complain.

Then again it could be that you are one of the many out there who are in a relationship or work situation where you are being subjected to abuse but are struggling to find a way out.

If any of these questions sound like your current situation then there is at least one article in that specific category that might speak to you…

When last did you feel stressed? Stress relief skills enable us to minimize the negative impact of stress on our lives and maximize our freedom and happiness.
Psychological wellness and happiness differs from the absence of illness or unhappiness. This journey begins with guidelines to direct our own life!
Ever wondered if you or your loved one has an addiction and what to do? This will help you assess and aid someone with a chemical or behavioural addiction.
Romantic relationships are an essential part of being human!
Relationship skills enable us to derive true meaning and fulfilment from these relationships.
We all know a healthy diet is vital for our health and yet could use some help in wading through the disagreements on what healthy eating actually looks like.
We live in a generation of chronic illness, and without help it can be frustrating and time consuming to learn how to manage our illness effectively.
We spend a significant percentage of our lives working and owe it to ourselves to derive as much meaning, happiness and rewards from our daily endeavour.
Most of us will experience a trauma, abuse or bereavement during the course of our lives, and the correct coping skills make a significant difference in our recovery.

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This section of the website is designed to give you free tools that you can use to better evaluate how you are doing on your path to health and wellness. It will also aid you in identifying if and when there is a particular problem in your life so that you can get on top of it as quickly as possible before it becomes something more serious.
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How anxious are you?

Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A): This tool helps you to measure your anxiety levels and gauges how anxious you are. People with high anxiety might often benefit from seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) Rating Scale for adults

Wender Utah ADHD Rating Scale: This assessment helps adults to diagnose ADHD in themselves based on symptoms that they experienced as a child.

Sleepiness Scale

Epworth Sleepiness Scale: This tool uses your degree of sleepiness in different circumstances in order to measure your risk of having a sleep disorder.

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“Tools for Health and Wellness is my personal project and I am particularly enthusiastic about it! It attempts to move away from a focus on psychopathology and rather throw more light on the path to health.”

Emile du Toit, Clinical Psychologist

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