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This section of this website is designed to give you free assessment tools that you can use to better evaluate how you are doing on your path to health and wellness. It will also aid you in identifying if and when there is a particular problem in your life so that you can get on top of it as quickly as possible before it becomes something more serious.

Simply put, these health and wellness resources are designed to help you educate and monitor your physical and psychological health and evaluate your lifestyle. These tools can be freely used in order to enable you to maximize your life experience.

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Goals of these health and wellness resources

Please note that although many of these assessment tools are formal diagnostic tools, they are not designed in this context to provide definitive diagnoses. They are generally well respected and validated inventories and formulas designed to achieve the following:


Act as an effective screening test to help you decide whether you might in fact have a particular condition or problem


Provide guidelines on how best to proceed with that problem (with moderate to severe symptomatology a visit to the relevant healthcare practitioner is always encouraged)


Provide information on how you are doing across a wide range of areas to aid you in best considering what changes in your lifestyle might be necessary


Aid you in picking up potential problems before they become entrenched behaviours, dynamics or pathology


Allow for a comparison of how you are doing across time, so you can measure whether your health and wellness lifestyle changes are working, and if you are slipping in any areas

Areas of health and wellness covered by these resources

These resources will cover a wide range of health-based areas. They will include assessment tools and information in areas such as:

  • Weight loss and eating disorders
  • Behavioural addictions
  • Drug use and addiction
  • Supplements and medications
  • Psychological disorders
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Chronic illness
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Stress reduction
  • Career choices and fulfilment
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Relationship dynamics, communication & conflict management

Get started with an assessment

Brief Insulin Sensitivity Test

Quantitative Insulin Sensitivity Check Index (QUICKI): This insulin sensitivity test uses fasting insulin and fasting glucose to predict risk of diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

How anxious are you?

Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A): This tool helps you to measure your anxiety levels and gauges how anxious you are. People with high anxiety might often benefit from seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Blood Sugar Conversion Calculator

Blood Sugar Conversion Calculator: This converter helps you to quickly convert blood sugar values from mmol/L to mg/dl and back again.

Type 2 Diabetes Risk Calculator

Type 2 Diabetes Risk Calculator: This test uses the main diabetes type 2 risk factors of age, gender, prescription hypertensive, prescription steroids, BMI, family history of diabetes and smoking status to determine your risk.

10 year Cardiovascular Risk Calculator

Cardiovascular Risk PROCAM Score: This test predicts 10-year cardiovascular risk based on risk factors such as history of myocardial infarction, diabetes or high cholesterol.

10 year Cardiac Risk for people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

UKPDS Cardiac Risk Calculator: This test measures 10-year cardiac risk for people who already have a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) Rating Scale for adults

Wender Utah ADHD Rating Scale: This assessment helps adults to diagnose ADHD in themselves based on symptoms that they experienced as a child.

Sleepiness Scale

Epworth Sleepiness Scale: This tool uses your degree of sleepiness in different circumstances in order to measure your risk of having a sleep disorder.

Bipolar Mood Disorder Questionnaire

Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ): This tool helps you to assess your risk of having Bipolar Mood Disorder.

Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Body Fat Calculator (Metric): This tool uses basic body measurements in order to calculate your body fat percentage. Body Fat is actually a better predictor of cardiovascular illness than Body Mass Index but...

Cholesterol Risk Calculator

Cholesterol Risk Calculator: This tool uses your various lipoprotein “cholesterol” saturation levels in order to assess your risk of cardiovascular illness.

Calorie Counter

Calories Expended based on age, measurements & exercise: This assessment helps you to calculate your body mass index and calories expended. Body Mass Index is a good predictor of chronic health problems...

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