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Tools for Health and Wellness is my personal project and I am particularly enthusiastic about it! It attempts to move away from a focus on psychopathology and rather throw more light on the path to health. This site is designed to help you get quality advice on a wide range of physical and psychological health and wellness topics. It promotes the idea of creating broad based health throughout your life, and acknowledges that in order to maximise happiness and reduce stress both your physical and psychological wellbeing need to be encouraged.

Tools for Health and Wellness is designed for everyone! It is intended for those of you doing really well in your lives and just looking to tweak one or two things to maximise this amazing life experience. Equally, it has been created for those of you who are currently struggling, and are looking for more in-depth help with particular issues.

Key areas of psychological and physiological health covered in this site

The key areas that will be addressed are:

Life can be tough and the manuals confusing and outdated!

Have you been struggling with a level of underlying anxiety or sadness that detracts from your life? Spent a fortune on years of therapy but all that self-growth doesn’t seem to translate into less stress? Tired of reliving the same old destructive patterns in relationships time after time? Or finding that you are developing several odd physical or physiological symptoms that are medically ‘cured’ but appear to regularly rinse and repeat?

You might be struggling to find enough hours in the day, or to shake off those extra pounds before summer. Or possibly have noticed that you been going a little heavy on the booze and your partner is beginning to complain. Then again it could be that you are one of the many out there who are in a relationship or work situation where you are being subjected to abuse but are struggling to find a way out. Or perchance you just cannot suffer that haughty, sarcastic colleague of yours for even one more day without finding out if a lipstick tube could be re-classified as a lethal weapon!

If any of these are true then this website is for you.

Core tools for ongoing health and wellness

This site is and always will be a work in progress. It cannot be otherwise, as it is created by a human being in order to help fellow human beings achieve on-going, dynamic growth and happiness. We are always a ‘work in progress’! It is a site designed to help you better cope with the many stresses and pressures that you face on a daily basis. With all that in mind, this site can help you become healthier through rejuvenating and balancing your mind and body by:

In essence, this site takes you on the somewhat ambitious journey to find your own unique path to better health and happiness, and to aid you in the path of self-discovery that will allow you to reach your potential and be all that you wish to be!

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